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We encourage an ongoing dialog with our stakeholders in order to better understand their expectations in the areas of sustainability, work and communication and to identify areas in which there is room for improvement.


We must have an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs and industry-specific requirements, both to be able to provide optimal and cost-effective security solutions and to meet the customers’ sustainability requirements as a supplier. Certis’ employees at different levels meet the customer frequently and we have daily contact with our customers’ clients. In addition, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

Employees and employee representatives

As a service company, our 8000+ employees are our most valuable asset. Certis strives to be a reliable and attractive employer by utilizing such tools as solid recruitment and on boarding processes, training at all levels of the company – including training in Certis’ Values and Ethics Code for all employees – talent management, employee surveys and various reporting channels for reporting cases of non-compliance.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

An ongoing dialog with our shareholders and investors assures the long-term development of our business. We publish interim reports and other continuous financial information.

Industry organizations

As one of the largest companies in the security industry, Certis is a driving force in raising standards and levels of professionalism in the industry, improving the status of security officers, raising wage levels and intensifying skills development efforts. This is an ongoing process.


By providing security solutions for companies and communities, Certis allows its customers to focus on their core business and prosper. We also participate in local projects, such as security training workshops. Certis cooperates with authorities at local and national levels to improve our business conditions and works proactively to achieve better conditions in the security business.