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When people think of contract security services, they usually picture a traditional security officer making patrol rounds or controlling access at a fixed post. These functions remain crucial to security at many locations, but Certis Lanka is able to offer, through its affiliated companies and specialty divisions, a much broader range of solutions that can add significant value to client organizations.


Our affiliated companies and specialty divisions include the following:

Certis Lanka Security Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Certis Lanka Secure Logistics (Pvt) Ltd

Certis Lanka Technology and Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd

Certis Lanka Courier Services (Pvt) Ltd

Certis Lanka Home Nursing and Swiftcare (Pvt) Ltd

Services offered by our companies can be customized and combined to meet the security requirements of any organization. We work closely with each client, listening carefully and applying our expertise to offer a solution that meets the specialized training and specific service needs.